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Mosaic the City Community Unity Society
~ A Community Development Programme ~


Creating Unity in Your Community

You are invited to create unity in your community by initiating a Mosaic the City project in your neighbourhood. The description and process map on the next two pages provide an overview of what is involved in the planning, creation and celebration of a mosaic project. Project participants will conceptualize, design and build the entire project from beginning to end. Some projects will invite people to bring their own recycled treasures to add to the mosaics, and encourage a "use what you have" approach. Other projects will create outside stone garden mosaics or fix a neighbourhood eye-sore with wonderful mosaic medallions. Each project will be made to suit the organizations, groups or neighbourhood that leads the project.

Although the project produces mosaics, it is the creative community unity process that is the real magic of this initiative. Now it's your turn to get involved and enjoy the magic.

To get a project in your area simply drop us a line and we can start discussing how you can do this. Then we will help you start looking for your project team to plan, fundraise, design, build and complete your neighbourhoods own Community Unity project.

Each Mosaic the City project takes from six months to two years to start and complete.

Time frames are dependent on organizations and people behind the particular project. When teams work well together a project can be started and completed in no time.

Mosaic The City Community Unity Society
Victoria, British Columbia Canada
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